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Summer is the season of play, joy and connection but it is also a time that can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds. For many is it a time to juggle a lot of commitments, to lose track of consistency and to manage multiple relationships and connections. These stressors can lead to anxiety, overwhelm, increased fluid retention, bloating or constipation, fatigue, dull skin, mental fogginess, bad sleep patterns and mood fluctuations.

Our summer reset and regulate program is a quick one week program that uses elements of our wellness toolbox to help you build a resilience to stress and bring balance to the playfulness of the season. 

You will finish the week clear and energised. It will rest and reset digestion, aid detoxification to minimise fluid retention, keep weight managed, elevate your mood and create mental clarity. 

This gives you a solid foundation for a regulated body, mind and emotions so you get the most out of this time of play, joy and connection.

Program includes committing to:

- 2 x infrared sauna sweats,

- 1 day Liquid Cleanse by Fels Kitchen.

- 2 guided meditation classes

- 2 breath work and plunge classes

- a daily walk

You'll also be encouraged to do at least 3 movement classes of your choice and we will keep you accountable, we will supply other tips and advice including recipes to support you.

Optional addition to amplify results: 1 x equilibrium massage for $129

Notes: Must be in Byron to use this package at our Wellness House. Program has a 7 day expiry to keep you consistent and accountable and for greatest impact.

After purchase an in house guide will be in touch with you for onboarding. They will assist you with booking in all your appointments and offer any additional guidance and tips and answer any questions you have.