Community: we are grounded in community, to inspire and be inspired, to support and be supported by all those connected to us.

Considered: we are considered and intentional in all that we do. Considered of impact to others, the natural world and what mark we are going to leave.

Commitment: we are committed to ourselves. We take responsibility for our own well-being. We are dedicated to consistency. 

Collaboration: we are collaborative. Working together is how we have the greatest impact.

Curiosity: we are open minded. We approach life and each other with curiosity and eagerness to learn and understand. We are inclusive and non judgemental of differences.

Role Model: we walk the walk and talk the talk. We lead by example.

Accessibility: we prioritise accessibility, we believe these wellness tools should be available for everyone no matter your location or means.

Authenticity: we are authentic and transparent. We are honest and unashamed of the light and the shadow and that encourages  others to be authentically themselves, in all their states