TRYBE MOVEMENT a 90min movement experience based on our notion of to TRY and to BE; the integration and equilibrium of dualities for a high frequency life.

Trybe Movement experience takes you on a journey, incorporating meditation, breathwork, into flowing vinyasa sun salutations to contemporary house tunes, peaking at a hip hop & RNB pilates burn, slowing down into a yin practice and topped with a multi instrument 20 minute sound bath all with the intention of equalizing your vibration so you live a high frequency life.

We will than refuel and rehydrate with a TRYBE X HONNE WELLNESS smoothie bar and a BEAUTY CHEF hydration station on our Trybe Wellness zen deck.

Your experience with also include; a maat_world yoga mat to take home, a TRYBE WELLENSS high frequency tote filled with goodies from all of our TRYBE, think beauty chef, del rainbow, undressed byron bay, honne wellness to name a few and of course incorporates an infrared sauna session at Trybe Wellness House. Total value of experience valued at over $400.


TIME: 10:45am arrival for a 11:00am start

DRESS CODE: All black active wear.





TRYBE WORLD - is founded on our philosophy that to create a high frequency life, we must find an equilibrium in dualities and integrate all aspects of our being. We create experiences that are the holistic lovechild of the East and West, tradition and innovation. Seamlessly weaving ancient practices of movement and meditation with our flair for contemporary sound, style and flavour. All intended to fulfill our deepest desire to stay present, raise our collective consciousness and facilitate our innate need for connection.


We recognise the Arakwal people of the Bundjalung Nation as the custodians and traditional owners of land we create, connect, play and move on. We pay respect to their ancestors and elders, past and present and emerging. We value their continuing cultural connection to lands, living culture and integral contribution to a bright and inclusive future.


Trybe World is the events, retreats + lifestyle manifestation of Trybe Wellness House

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