Before an infrared sauna session at our house, make sure you

  • are hydrated and continue to hydrate throughout your infrared sauna session
  • have slept well the night before 
  • come bare skin, wearing no make-up or personal care products that can clog your skin. 
  • wear loose fitting clothing to allow your skin to breathe post sweat.
  • are not feeling at all unwell 
  • arrive at your infrared sauna session having not eaten too much, are not under influence of drugs or alcohol, have not consumed too much caffeine
  • although you can use our shower facilities onsite, we recommend showering when you get home as your body naturally cools down you continue to reap the benefits of the session. If you do wish you shower though, we have a private outdoor shower to rinse under.
  • have not had a facial before your infrared sauna session
  • are not pregnant.
  • are mindful or phones, iPads or any other electricals inside the infrared saunas, as they will overheat.

After an infrared sauna session at our house, make sure you

  • Adequately hydrate post sauna session, this is required. As your body sweats you lose important minerals. Rehydrate with room temperature / warm water that has a pinch of celtic sea salt in it or coconut water to rejuvenate electrolytes. We offer both in house.
  • Top up your magnesium levels. You can use topical magnesium to replace magnesium lost. This can be purchased as a spray and applied directly to your body, not face or other sensitive areas. It will tingle. Alternatively if you have a bath a magnesium soak in water is also a great option. Here is a link to one we recommend - or  ofcourse an internal supplement.
  • Are mindful of what you apply to your skin post session. Everything you apply onto your skin is absorbed straight into the blood stream. Keep things light and natural.
  • Keep in mind that the sauna raises your basal temperature, you will find your body may continue to sweat after a session, especially if you choose to wait to shower until you are home to maximise the sweating process. It’s important to wipe the body with a towel however to remove any sweat from the body to ensure you do not reabsorb any toxins. 
  • Let us know if you have any questions after your session, we are here to guide you in the best way the TRYBE house can support you.