Our transformative approach will leave you with a calm mind, regulated emotions and balanced body. So you can handle life's stresses with ease, experience more joy + have better relationships.

Consider us your guides, offering our experiences and knowledge to inform and inspire. We are here to support one another, ask questions, shift perspectives and teach tools to enhance lives. 

We create places where you can regulate and relate.

Our wellness toolbox takes a holistic approach to building a resilience to stress that has been designed from our own experiences blending old and new and is intended to be woven seamlessly into your life. 

We welcome you into our community - a space to feel inspired, understood and supported to take ownership of your well being and what that looks like uniquely to you.

We are a modern lifestyle movement. Trybe is a way of life. Welcome to our world.



We take a unique approach to wellbeing, we blend old and new philosophies and methodologies to create something entirely new. 

Inspired by Ayurveda and the theories of modern neuroscience. We take an approach that honours tradition and nature and translate it into modern living. We respect the dynamic and interdependent relationship between body, mind and spirit.

Our name TRYBE describes our answer to a more peaceful, more radiant, more connected and more joyful life. 

First and foremost - TRYBE is your community. Connection and co-regulation are important components of nervous system regulation, which is the key to greater physical and mental wellbeing, better emotional regulation, deeper relationships and more joy.

Secondly, it represents TRY & BE, the notion that your ability to seamlessly shift between activity and rest is what determines your resilience to stress - from chronic conditions through to everyday stressors.

We believe we are one with nature not separate from it, to consider our external environment is to impact our internal environment.