We reimagine the way wellbeing is lived and breathed. We simplify universal ancient practices for modern living and guide you to live in harmony with nature, the one within you and the one around you. For inner peace & outer radiance.

The world of wellness has gotten noisy, it's easy to get confused, not know what really helps and to ultimately burn out doing too much with no result. Currently we are all looking for ways to feel less overwhelmed, anxious and disconnected and more at peace, at ease and radiant.

We are here to guide you through tuning out the noise and to go inward, get deeply curious about yourself. Strip back the complexities and use simplicity and consistency, to find the joy in having autonomy of your wellbeing.

We are a modern lifestyle movement. Trybe is a way of life. Welcome to our world.



We believe in the pleasure of wellness.

To experience that pleasure is through self inquiry and self awareness. By having a deep curiosity about what makes you who you are, you open up the possibility to tailor a holistic lifestyle uniquely to you in a far more simple, more sustainable and more playful way.

Our philosophy is inspired by the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, which teaches that we are a dynamic and interdependent combination of body, mind and spirit.

Our name TRYBE, represents finding wholeness by dancing between dualities to find harmony. To have an equilibrium of effort (try) & surrender (be). 

We believe we are one with nature not separate from it, to consider our external environment is to impact our internal environment.



SIMPLE ; the simple daily habits you do have the greatest impact.

SUSTAINABLE ; how can the habits you choose be both sustainable for you to practice consistently and how can they keep Mother Earth in mind.

SEASONAL ; to live in harmony of mind, body and spirit means adapting our daily habits to the seasons of nature, and even further for uterus - owners, the seasons of your monthly cycle.