Our ethos is founded on the notion that wellbeing is cultivating an equilibrium of dualities. Rather than the idea that you are either one thing or the other, we invite you to find wholeness by accepting that you are all and everything in between. You are light + shadow, effort + surrender, masculine + feminine, yin + yang. We use wellness techniques and tools that bring our minds, bodies + spirits into equilibrium when we may be experiencing a dominance of one kind of energy. 

We take a lifestyle approach to massage rather than curative. Using techniques that help to stimulate your lymphatic system, move stagnant energy and emotions, so you can live well. 

Our treatments are a blend of holistic body work techniques + healing systems we have used to bring us equilibrium. We invite you to listen to yourself and tell us how we can support you finding your balance. If this seems unclear to you, our amazing therapists will use an intuitive approach to read your being and have you leaving our house enriched and balanced.


TRY ~ 


Energise. Connect. Rejuvenate.
60 min session - includes aromatherapy, dry body brushing, massage.

Awaken sluggish limbs, expel stagnant energy, uplift mind, body + spirit. Stimulate lymphatic flow, increase vitality, free energetic pathways. Rejuvenate + retune the body.

We invite to consider this treatment if maybe, you're feeling weighed down by the world, you're experiencing a sluggish lymphatic system or a slow digestive system, you're in need of a sparking.


BE ~

Calm. Surrender. Restore.
60 min session - includes aromatherapy, dry body brushing, massage.

Restore an overworked being, dissipate stress, calm the mind, body + spirit. Remember presence, land here in the moment, just be. Nurture + nourish the body. 

We invite to consider this treatment if maybe, you're feeling a state of distress or unease, you're experiencing symptoms of adrenal fatigue or a fiery digestive system, you're in need of a reminder to bring your feet firmly down onto the ground into this present moment.





Elevate the detoxification effects of your treatment by adding one of our 'Belly Rubs'. We use a blend of digestive stimulating oils in this 15 min abdomen massage designed to help digestion, assist menstrual issues, and freeing stagnant energy that may be clogging you up.  $35


Maximise the detoxification and realignment by adding a 45 min infrared sauna session after a core treatment.  $35


Further support sore and aching muscles with a 90 second - 3 minute cold immersion. $20










A 2hr full sensory experience for complete body reboot and detox, supporting the nervous system and lymphatic system to leave you feeling refreshed and realigned. 

Start with our 1 hour treatment which includes dry body brushing, massage + aromatherapy. Moving from there to the infrared sauna for a 45 mins sweat and finishing with an invigorating ice bath session.

Add our drinks package; metabolism boosting immunity shot, beauty chef probiotic water + pure celery juice for further body support. $18.50