Energise. Connect. Rejuvenate.

60 min / 90 min

Our signature TRY ~ BE treatment. An all over body massage, using an Ayurvedic approach we get to know you, your unique constitution and your current state of being. We then tailor the massage oil, smells, and strokes specifically to you to bring you into balance physically, mentally + emotionally.

Feeling strung out, over worked and all in your head? We will calm you, release tension and ground you in this moment.

Feeling stagnant, sluggish and weighed down by the world? We will ignite you, stimulate lymphatic flow and expel emotions.

$120 / $165


Remedial. Realign. Restore.
60 min / 90min -

Have a pain point, tension or repeated injury you need corrected?

We will tailor this massage to focus on realigning your physical body so you can start to feel in flow and build the foundation to then level up into creating balance mentally + emotionally too.


$135 / $180


Pregnancy massage.
60 min

A hour of nurturing and bliss for a mumma to be. A gentle experience that supports your body as its changing and nourishing new life.





Stimulate the lymphatic system and enhance your massage with an all over express body brush. Suffer from uneven skin, a slow lymphatic system, cellulite or fluid retention? This is for you. $20


Relieve stress and tension and bring calmness to your mind, support luscious locks with this 15 min head massage and leave in hair oil $35


Elevate the detoxification effects of your treatment by adding one of our 'Belly Rubs'. We use a blend of digestive stimulating oils in this 15 min abdomen massage designed to help digestion, assist menstrual issues, and freeing stagnant energy that may be clogging you up. Suffer from digestive issues like bloating or constipation? This is for you.  $35


Always in your head and never grounded in the moment? Our feet are what connect us to the earth add this 15 foot massage with marma point therapy and hot towels to your massage to ground yourself, promote healthy sleep patterns and support the nervous system. $35


Maximise the detoxification and realignment by adding a 45 min infrared sauna session after your massage.  $35


Further support sore and aching muscles with a 90 second - 3 minute cold immersion. $20