Our TRY ~ BE sweat is a our ritual practice that upgrades your infrared sauna session to incorporate five sense therapy + a few of the foundational pillars of the TRY~BE technique to nourish and support your body, clear your mind and bring you into the present moment.

This practice enhances your sweat session, and tailors it to your current state of being or imbalance. Giving you the tools to take autonomy of your wellbeing and bring yourself into harmony. This is the way we sweat daily and we invite you to this TRY~BE experience.

Our five senses; sight, smell, sound, taste and touch, are our gateways from the external world to the internal world and vice versa. Using and nourishing them properly is the key to living harmoniously and helps you find alignment, physically, mentally and emotionally.

How we incorporate the five senses into your TRY ~ BE sweat:

~ Sight: we take the answers from your questionnaire and pick the colour or light level best suited to your needs. Colour therapy aka as chromotherapy has been used for years to stimulate different emotional responses. 

~ Smell: we take the answers from your questionnaire and choose an essential oil to diffuse in your sauna that best suits your needs. This may be an oil to energise + uplift, calm + relax or cleanse.

~ Sound: we’ve created a playlist on our spotify. Please scan the QR code in your sauna and choose TRYBE - MOOD VI. This is a curation of songs that both calm and energise and evoke a feel good experience the TRYBE way.

~ Taste: According to Ayurveda there are 6 tastes, these are sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent & astringent, and incorporating a balance of these 6 tastes in our daily consumption is how we find harmony and live well.

We have formulated a drinks process that includes all 6 tastes at different stages of the ritual. We start your sweat experience with a warm ginger + turmeric water (pungent, astringent & bitter) this stimulates the digestive system and starts the warming process. We then supply a litre of lemon water (sour) to stay hydrated throughout your sweat, this aids the detoxification process whilst also keeping you hydrated. After your sweat you’ll have a coconut water (sweet), known as a natural coolant and packed with electrolytes, it is the perfect rejuvenation. Once you’re back at reception we give you a small warmed salted water (salty). This is an important part of the remineralisation process.

~ Touch: You will be supplied with our self massage kit, with supplies + instructions to gift yourself a self massage. Connecting and supporting your own body through loving touch.

The TRY ~ BE sweat is set at the ideal temperature for an effective yet nourishing sweat and includes instructions for self massage, breath, movement and stillness. This process takes 45 mins and is explained to you in house.

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