Massage is a key tool in prevention of ailments and sustenance of youthful radiance.

Our first contact with the world is through the sense of touch. A child feels protected with the touch of their mother. Touch has a soothing, healing and protective effect, and massage is the greatest form of touch that is able to provide both nourishment and detoxification to the physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

Massage is the scientific manipulation of the body’s tissues. It has an ancient history that dates back over thousands of years. It is necessary for every being, just as food is necessary. Food provides us with the nourishment from the external sources, whereas massage excites the internal resources and provides nourishment in the form of proteins, glucose and other vitalising chemicals within the body. 

It promotes proper growth and development of the internal organs, and is helpful for sleep disorders, promoting circulation and relaxation. Massage is considered as a protector, rejuvenator and for preservation of the body. It will increase your self-confidence and will power. 

Massage is the perfect representation of duality, it encourages the feeling of ‘letting go’ and also enkindles the feeling of closeness. 

In today’s lifestyle everyone is going through some sort of stress whether it is work, family, or relationship related, creating feelings of loneliness, and up tightness. These conditions along with irregular eating habits, rushing around, excessive stimulation and more create imbalances. Massage is the perfect antidote, the nourishing warm oils ground and reduce stress and anxiety.

Nowadays, our surroundings are not so pure and the chances of being infected by bacteria and viruses have increased. Massage plays a role as it helps in the production of antibodies that provide more resistance. As a result, this improves the body’s defence mechanism and increases our immunity towards environmental influences.

In ancient texts such as Charaka and Vagbhatta, the following benefits of Ayurvedic massage have been described that show why it has been considered as one of the most beneficial exercises of all time.

  • Delays the ageing Process 
  • Counters Fatigue
  • Keeps muscles and joints lubricated and freely moving
  • Increases Stamina 
  • Increases Longevity 
  • Improves Sleep
  • Strengthens the Skin
  • Provides Resistance Against Disease and Disharmony
  • Improves digestion

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